Ramot Insurance agency LTD was established in 1983 by Mr. Yitchak Noyman & Mr. Baruch Wisbord and is one of the leading insurance agency in Israel.
Ramot provides advanced solutions to various needs in all the general insurance fields and supports high quality and personal customer service, both in the private and business sections.
The company expertize in various fields: Industry, Real Estate, Construction, Education institutions, Local authorities,  Agriculture, Transportation (buses & trucks) , Heavy Equipment, Vehicles fleets.
The agency cooperates with the largest and most familiar insurance companies in Israel at large scales, and for that our customers benefit unique terms, various special offers and, of course, very attractive and low costs.
The company's general managers and department managers have all come from the insurance field at senior positions and have lots of professional experience.
The combination of first class experts and the Ramot company's great fortitude enables its agents to propose the customers with the most effective insurance, containing the broadest and the most suitable coverage for their needs.
Ramot Insurance agency LTD is also active internationally as a cooperative company with the broker's global network EOS and as an associate of other international broker companies, amongst the largest and the most stable companies at their field.
The incorporation of international activities makes way for optimal solutions at all levels of insurance coverage, better supervision and control, and lower costs due to the client activities worldwide.
Ramot pays the greatest attention to the quality of products and service provided. Ramot believes that achieving the standard of excellence, will result in an effective and long successful relationship with its customers .
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