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Private vehicle Insurance, Busses & Small busses Insurance, Shuttle taxis Insurance, Taxi Insurance.

Private vehicle Insurance


Vehicle Insurance

There are three sections at the field: Compulsory Insurance, Third party Insurance, and Comprehensive Insurance.


Compulsory Insurance:

Insurance must be applied for every motor-vehicle according to the law. The compulsory insurance is covering only body damage done by using the motor-vehicle. This is according to the motor-vehicle Insurance statute.

Third party Insurance:

Third party insurance covers the policyholder's liabilities towards a third party, due to damage done to the third party's property by using the vehicle at the time period of coverage validity.

Comprehensive Insurance:

The comprehensive Insurance, at its core and first of all, includes the third party insurance. Moreover, the coverage is extended by: fire, lighting, explosion, eruption, accidental clash, flip, accident, theft without vehicle being found in 30 days, flood, storm & tempest, volcanic eruption and criminal act insurances. The policy is also extended for covering legal defense expenses and the expense the follows towing the vehicle from the incident area into a nearby garage (limited at sum).

Since May 2004 comprehensive insurances were sold with or without theft, and with or without accidents- thus enabling purchase and cancellation of any certain coverage in the comprehensive insurance.

Further expansions:

Expansions for third party Insurance: towing, windshields, radio-tape, expansions of third party insurance for body damage (not covered in compulsory insurance), legal defense, policyholder's participation canceling.

Expansions for comprehensive Insurance: towing, windshields, radio-tape, alternative vehicle, expansions of third party insurance for body damage (not covered in compulsory insurance), other accessories, trading old vehicle with a new vehicle.

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