The field of business insurance is complicated, concealing many coverage options. Nevertheless, it has numerous restrictions / exceptions / insurance terms. This field requires knowledge of the business and its field of activity. Only then the business required coverage will be examined.

The common coverage:Business facility Insurance, Business content  Insurance – Furniture & Fixtures, work tools & equipments, Business Stock and/or contents, Third party Insurance – third party property & structural damage, Employers liability Insurance.

Other coverage available at the field:Professional liability Insurance, Loss of profits Insurance, Products liability Insurance, Electronic equipments Insurance, Transferred products' Insurance, Funds, Trusts, Others, And more.

It's enough to read the above to understand the complexity of the business insurance and the importance of matching the coverage to the client needs, thus preventing business  exposure to risks in case of a law suit.

It's obvious that in many businesses the insurance funds are insufficient for the purchase of all possible coverage types recommended. Therefore, the priorities should be analyzed.

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Trade & Industrial Insurance:


The Coverage at the Trade & Industrial field is among the most sophisticated and significant at the branch due to its importance to the manufacture or factory's work capability after a security incident, concerning in particular the rapid rehabilitation of the factory or the productive body and the preservation of market share.

The coverage is specifically designed for each factory or productive/ industrial body according to its activities, exposure to risks and bonds with other businesses.

We offer professional service assisted by experts, thus analyzing each of the customer's needs, including building an insurance arrangement in cooperation with worldwide insurance companies and forming an attractive insurance fund combining large scale coverage.

Moreover, we offer security solutions for Israeli companies whose active overseas, through the construction of worldwide insurance arrangements supported by our associates, the Broker's Global Network.

The main coverage at the field:Property Insurance – Fire Extended and/or all equivalent risks, Loss of profits Insurance, Third party liability Insurance, Employers liability Insurance, Products liability Insurance, Professional responsibility Insurance, Mechanical fracture Insurance (combined with loss of profits if needed), Electronic equipment's Insurance, Full liabilities Insurance, Employees Insurance, Contractors activity Insurance.
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