The Apartment's policy is defined by 2 main coverage types:

Structure's coverage And contents coverage


Structure's coverage:

The apartment's or house's structure is listed as: porches, pipe-lines, Sewer facilities & plumbing, heating devices, boilers, solar & electricity systems belongs to the apartment's structure and all apartment's permanent or attached instruments.

Calculation of insurance value is based upon the structure's size in square meters. The calculation is performed by multiplying the structure's size in square meters by the construction cost per square meter in the residency where the pre-insured property is located. The coverage can be extended into including the ground worth, and not only the structure's reconstruction.

The structure's insurance covers the following damages:

Fire, lightning, thunder and also smoke which is not a common or regular phenomena, explosion, eruption, burglary, theft, robbery, clashing of aircrafts, falling objects from aircrafts, ultrasound wave caused by aircrafts, criminal damages. It is recommended to extend the insurance into covering pipe lines, natural disasters and earthquakes.

Contents coverage:

The contents insurance covers all damages listed under structure's coverage. The apartment's contents insurance is extended into 2 other coverages: Third party and employers liabilities.


a. Jewelry and gold items included in the contents coverage:

The insurance with regard of jewelry covers 10% of the contents coverage sum and only 2% for a single item. Thus, if you possess a more expansive jewelry then 2% of the coverage, the policy will not cover it unless it has been assessed by the agency's examiner or a qualified examiner.

b. "All the risks" for jewelry & valuable items:

The contents insurance covers security incidents inside the apartment (comprehensive) and not outside the apartment – the insurance can be extended into covering the latter as well.

c. Underinsurance:

Pay attention that the structure's and contents coverage sum is realistic. In case the coverage sum is lower then its realistic value, the compensation will be limited when claimed.

For an offer for apartment's Insurance:

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