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1. The information within this website is credible for the time of its publication only as general information and is not a prospective of the various services and products provided by Ramot. The pictures in this website are for realization, and not for any other purpose.
2. For doubt removal and in any case, the specified directions written within the agency's and/or any other company's/source's policies are above any information given by this website.
3. It is cleared that the website owners and designers are not responsible in any way for any damages and/or losses and/or damage of any kind that might be caused as a result of relying on data shown   in this website.
4. This website, its information, software then can be downloaded and other elements published in it may be protected by copyright laws within Israeland abroad. For legal usage according to these laws, no copying, changing, distribution, or any other commercial use of this website is allowed, unless permission is granted by copyright owners.
5. This website may allow software download. Ramot Insurance Agency is not responsible for any damage that might follow software download and/or any use of this website's downloaded software.
6. The information in this website may contain advertisements about special offers, benefits and markdowns ("offers"), all according to the terms set by Ramot. Ramot is entitled to stop and/or change any offer and in any time, according to the company's sole consideration.
7. The publication in this website is not a suggestion and/or counseling, which counts your personal data or unique purchase and/or execution of acts and/or bargain needs, and is not by any means a recommendation and/or opinion which replace your independent consideration.
8. Ramot is not obliged that all linkups ("links") found in this website are active and lead into an active website. Ramot may remove links that were attached, or avoid additional links – all according to the agency's consideration. A link attached to a certain website is not a confirmation that the information found in this website is full, eligible and modified. Ramot is not responsible for any content and/or service appearing in websites linked to this website and/or publications of these websites.
9. Ramot is not a part of any deal executed entirely or partially,   through this website, between website surfers and any other third party, and is not responsible in any form for any such deal including confirmation, execution, and its terms or quality.
10. I know that Ramot may use software that accumulates information about my activities and website usage patterns and analyze it for service improvement, and a better suitability of the service with my needs. I give it my consent.
11. I know that information provided by me through this website may be preserved in the agency's database and used by the company for decision making about future service bestowal. I give it my consent.
12. Ramot preserves the right to alter the website from time to time, including adding and/or canceling of services and/or the website's terms & conditions alteration and/or stopping the website's activity fully or partially, according to the agency's sole consideration.
13. Ramot is not responsible for the content of other websites advertising Ramot Insurance Agency, or for other insurance companies' website contents and/or any other website and/or any consultation provided by professionals of any kind linked to this website.
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