Ramot Insurance Agency LTD is counseling, managing and selling insurance products of all fields, both in the private and business sectors. The company cooperates with the largest insurance companies in Israeland is now divided into three main departments: Elementary Insurance – Business section, Private / Vehicle Insurance , Buses and heavy mechanical equipments Insurance .


Elementary Insurance – Business section:


The Business Insurance section is known for its small staffs which enables personal and professional care for each client.

The Insurance areas spread upon various subjects from companies and industries, collective settlements and shared economy societies, civilian engineering companies, transport companies and buses, to education facilities and local authorities.

The client is questioned for his insurance needs and is provided with specific insurance policy according to his activity, character and exposure to risks.

International Israeli companies are assisted by our worldwide services through cooperative contracts with the broker's global network EOS.

The main expertise are including:Trade Insurance, Hi-Tech companies Insurance, Industrial Insurance, Contractors Insurance, Authorities and Education facilities Insurance, Employed Insurance, Israeli worldwide-active Companies Insurance, collective settlements and Small communities Insurance, And more.


Private / car insurance:


The department employs specific insurance agents for each of the fields in order to provide the most professional care to the unique needs of each client. The department holds a cost-comparison search engine which enables the client to receive the most suitable and profitable offer.

Insurance types:Private vehicles, Apartments,  Small buses, Shuttle taxis.


Buses, Heavy mechanical equipment and trucks Insurance:


The field of buses, heavy mechanical equipment and trucks insurance includes a variety of special vehicles designed for moving services, distribution and civilian engineering projects such as: construction, road building, groundwork projects, lifting projects and more.

Thanks to the company's fortitude and strength, we provide our customers with creative solutions and extremely attractive costs, combined with the most professional & personal high quality service in the field.

Insurance types:Trucks, Heavy mechanical equipment, Buses.

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